The Mutschler Group of Companies

Mutschler Immobilien GmbH, Ulm
MIAG Mutschler Immobilien AG, Zurich

The Mutschler Group is a family-owned and operated company without third-party shareholders whose core business is the development and realization of commercial property projects. The roots of the Group go back to the retail furniture business. Continuous development of properties for our specific retail business increased our expertise and range of experience in the commercial property sector over the years. This led first to the formation of Erwin Mutschler GmbH in Ulm and later to the founding of MIAG Mutschler Immobilien AG in Zurich. The 20 or so employees working in our Ulm and Zurich offices have all the competence required – structural, legal and financial – to realize complex property development projects.

Once completed, the projects often stay in the Mutschler Group’s portfolio. Sometimes, however, projects are sold to create liquidity for new projects.