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Pharma Logistics and Distribution Center, Canton of Vaud (CH)

A large logistics and distribution center was directly built for an international pharmaceutical company at the Puidoux-Chexbres motorway exit. Due to the central location, the surrounding European countries can be easily supplied via the logistics center.
Three different areas had to be included in the planning: a compact high-bay warehouse, a picking hall with a computer-controlled distribution system, and an office building for the administrative staff. The result is a three-part complex that stretches over 8,500 square meters along the highway and is perfectly tailored to the tenant's needs. The picking line, in particular, through which the pharmaceuticals are retrieved fully automatically after receipt of the order, packed ready for dispatch, and sent to the customer, made specific demands on the spatial conditions. Nevertheless, the project was handed over to the tenant in April 2005 after only one year of construction.

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