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The Mutschler Group

The Mutschler Group is a family-owned and operated company without third-party shareholders whose core business is the development and realization of commercial property projects. The roots of the Group go back to the retail furniture business. Over the years, the continuous development of properties for our specific retail business increased our expertise and range of experience in the commercial property sector. This first led to the formation of Erwin Mutschler GmbH in Ulm and later to the founding of MIAG Mutschler Immobilien AG in Zurich. Today around 20 employees operate in our Ulm and Zurich offices and have all the competence required – structural, legal, and financial – to realize complex property development projects.

Once completed, the projects often stay in the Mutschler Group’s portfolio. Sometimes, however, projects are sold to create liquidity for new projects.

Range of Services

"Each project begins with an idea.
Together with our partners, these ideas become reality."

The Mutschler Group designs, develops and carries out large commercial property projects such as retailer parks, commercial sites, and office buildings. A project team is in charge of managing every phase of a project while seeing it through to completion. From the planning stage, the development and construction phases, up until the turnkey phase we are on the spot to ensure the successful realization of each project. Expertises, approvals, project and infrastructure plans for the property, immediate access routes and green areas, as well as location studies, a necessity for targeting appropriate tenants. And of course, the entire execution of the construction work. On this last point, we prefer working with local contractors. It benefits both local businesses and the project as no one else is as familiar with local conditions.

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"We are not afraid of problems.
Because we’re not afraid of unusual solutions."

Developing a large-scale property project is a complex process. Projects vary depending on the conditions. One thing, however, does not change. To ensure the success of a project means studying and recognizing the needs and requirements of the parties involved. The interests of the community where the project is located, the requirements of the tenants who will be leasing the property, and the demands of the customers or visitors who will be using it. Sometimes these interests, requirements, and demands contradict one another. This calls for creativity, but above all, for flexibility. Oddly, sometimes the most difficult initial conditions produce the most interesting results. Since flexibility at the Mutschler Group has solid financial backing all the pieces are in place for a reliable completion of large-scale projects.

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